[FREE] [ESX] [LSRP] OX Lib vehicleshop

yes I know what caused it I inquired but maybe you have an idea of how to avoid this?

By… reducing polygons & optimizing your addon vehicles

It is already very strange that the Boats dealer no Npc stands furthermore if one adds a new store the whole Script does not go there it always again a showcaseVehicle to have would like if one adds it with goes the Script again rum not knows one a solution ?

Possibly someone has already changed a couple of things in the config for the purpose of stores added several stores and can provide it to me who nice thanks!

Anyone know where to add exports for give key exports?

hey, is it possible that you can make a qbcore version out of this?

Když si koupíš auto přes hotovost tak cash ti to vezme ale auto nedostaneš neví někdo co s tím?/
If you buy a car with cash, the cash will be taken from you but you won’t get the car, does anyone know what to do with that?

How would i add a car to a persons garage? :slight_smile:

Updated preview and script as well, misc fixed for showcase vehicles