[FREE] [ESX] [LSRP] OX Lib vehicleshop

Free ESX Vehicle Shop utilizing OX Library. It is meant to fully replace 
ESX Vehicleshop (as alternative). It is still sort of WIP, please do report 
any errors / bugs / suggestions to improve this repo.

Resmon is 0.00 at all times, no I will not support SQL vehicle fetching.


  • Licenses required to buy from specific vehicle shops
  • Vehicles are created via config (no shitty SQL pulling)
  • Bank / cash options
  • After buying the vehicle, it will spawn to a set location, if the location is taken, then the car will be added to garage instead
  • You can choose colors prior to buying (configurable)
  • You can choose between OX Inventory cash or using a bank system (framework or pefcl)
  • You can freely preview the vehicle by moving mouse or switching views (C)
  • Vehicles are invisible to other players in a way they can’t interact with each other
  • To my knowledge, bugproof
  • Choice between discord logging / ox logger
  • OX Target / Points option


  • Code cleanup, improve options & vehicle info
  • Add OX Core support

You need OX_Lib. This is a public repo, if you find any bugs or have any questions, feel free to create PR on github or msg here.


Other resources
[PAID] Car radio :radio:
[PAID] Recoil system :gun:


nice work bro keep going thank you


Very nice script ! I think a job restriction for each vehicles shops would be very nice for the script

Well done mate.

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I pushed an update fixing minor bugs. Please redownload again :slight_smile:

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goat, test drive is missing

nic3 :smile:

WIP. Can’t give ETA but will be done at some point

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need the map + Script pls

I tried this out, but unfortunately it didn’t work. I got no error codes. The script loaded up fine and markers were displayed but unfortunately no NPC spawned on the markers.

there are literally no markers in this script

By marker I meant blips on the minimap. Apologies for the confusion

Are you running ESX & OX Library? If yes then the script should work just fine

have an error

What framework are you on? This means you are either not using or using outdated esx.

hi i have this error

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would be dope to have player owned option aswell as each location (Dealership) having their own category of vehicles their avle to sell

If somebody wants to view the vehicle after you are in the submenu

Hello, I am using one of your publicly available scripts. I wonder if support is possible? THANK YOU
I have more than 100 extra vehicles and when you load all the vehicles one by one the map texture disappears, I searched again and again and I don’t know why the map textures disappeared, if I restart the script then it reappears. an idea ? thanks again

Oversized assets, happens with addon cars that have extremely high polygon count. Will happen alot if multiple vehicles are close to earch other anyway