[FREE] [ESX] JEWELRY ROBBERY - ESX Legacy - Qtarget - ox_inventory - ox_lib

Another handmade script about Jewelry Robbery.

Script sur Github

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  • 10 vetrins are breakable in the jewelry store
  • alarm goes on
  • 4 positions to search the alarm code in the office, then input the code on the box to stop alarm
  • stop alarm give you more loot


  • No Spam Loot
  • The alarm code change each hour from the client
    all the parameters like traduction notifications, name of the qtargets menus, number of cops, items to loot etc. are easily configurable in the script
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Good job!

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thank you, i try to make the robbery a bit more ‘original’ than usual ^^

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update done on script :

  • ox_lib locales integrations
  • modification of few esx functions
  • clean of the code

update of the fxmanifest.lua, solve translations not found
it’s ok and verified now :wink:

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Good Morning. good job, when i put the password the alarm keeps ringing.

hello, so it’s not the right password.
the password is generate by client-side when the robbery start, he is available during the robbery cooldown, then he’s regenerate.

it is the person who starts the robbery who must enter his code.