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Hello!! Wonderful script. However, I am unable to see other cops. I can see my own blip, but not theirs. I have the ignore duty function on. Is there anything I’m missing?? Please advise. Again, wonderful work!

Having the same issue here, ive checked the readme and didnt see anything about blips

i can’t make it work to have character names
can someone help me or give a conclusion

Anyway to use the small map not the big version?

why does npc’s shows up as cops somtimes

Hey, didnt really notice anything like this
Script is still being used on server Im working on and no issues whatsoever

i try to use it. it work fine but have a problem when the player sight view not show on map. is that error ? i mean the blipCone

Hey! It should be configurable

already enable it but not work!

I love to Scrip

I have an issue with it

sometimes it loses track of some players for a good while

Hi, I want to ask how can I make the BLIP not record where the person is looking when not in the vehicle? So that it stays where the person is and doesn’t rotate? Thank you for your help

I have the script running but I got no blips. I have no duty script so I set “ignoreDuty” to false. I use ESX Legacy. I have no idea what is wrong ^^

If you don’t have any script for duty then you have to use ignoreDuty = true.