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With normal Onesync i become yes i can if iam from the work

btw just noticed this. if you don’t want blips to change colors, you can just delete the flashColors part

Yeah I kinda figured, was just trying to get the vehicle ones working before I messed with anything else. Thank you!! Appreciate it!

Blips aren’t changing when officers get in a police vehicle. Everyone is default car. No on foot blip.

@Colonelnl show me your config please

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Well it shows me a walking if i start it as on foot. If i restart script in car it shows car. it dont switch on food and car. config.lua (7.0 KB)

[ script:rflx_pdblips] SCRIPT ERROR: @rflx_pdblips/server.lua:64: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)

Same issues as you

@Colonelnl @ADRNALN
issue fixed, script was meant to run only based on baseevents, so it i forgot to change some stuff in the thread.

Anyways, thanks for report

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Great work !!!

Why Dont work on me ? im start script but nothing happen