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Today I decided to release my emergency job blips, which display player’s location on map.
I didn’t find any free blips that were actually configurable and free (free is the important part, since there is only a few people left, who actually release free stuff)

This script is pretty stable and optimized! Tested with 240+ players on server and 80+ Players displayed on map.

If you want help with implementation/installation, please contact me using this topic, not any other way. Thanks!

Screen, u can find more below!

Download (last update 5.5.2021): awww, click me

Cool features
  • Player name tags when bigmap active!
  • Blip changes colors, when player in car with sirens on! → You can configure up to unlimited colors
  • Configure blip specific for job and even a vehicle model!
  • Let one job see another, also you can deny this!
  • Enable self blip → Replace that boring arrow!
  • Custom font! → You can define font in config!
  • Name prefixes depending on player grade!

And a lot more!

  • Baseevents with client side events (config) - You can find them here
  • mysql-async when you want character names
  • Mythic_notify - this script isn’t available by author anymore, so you can turn them off in config
  • Make sure you have all requirements installed and working!
  • Download this resource from my GitHub: click me!
  • Write it into your server.cfg (server config)
ensure es_extended
ensure mysql-async # only if you want to use character names
    ... # please do not include these dots ;)
ensure rflx_pdblips
  • Now I recommend to configure them - info below
  • Start your server and you’re good to go!

I tried to make config as clean and understandable as possible, every line has it’s own comment

All configuration tutorials can be found here


Here are some HQ screenshots taken from in-game, enjoy




Thank you for reading this topic, hope my 2 hours spent by writing this were useful! :mascot:
btw. I’m hungry


Hey man, solid resource. (Btw get some food) but hey, slight issue and I have no clue what causes it. Whenever the base resource is started as in not edited at all, it crashes my server.
The only error message I get before it crashes is -

Error: Loop svMain seems hung! (last checkin 90 seconds ago)
Warning: svMain watchdog stack: rflx_pdblips-main: tick <- root

Hey, yes I forgot to delete some part of code.

Redownload it from git and it should work just fine!

Alright will do, Thank you! :heart:

How can I make the blips smaller? also when setjob police nothing shows up but when as ambulance it works. my job name in the db is that same as on the config. It is the default named police

EDIT: have fixed problem where police blips dont show. added " ignoreDuty = true, " on line 91 of config. I still need help resizing blips

so if i want ambulance cannot see blip police but police can see blip ambulance. the config like this?

canSee = {
[‘police’] = false,
[‘ambulance’] = true,

Look for

ignoreDuty = true,

in example Config

Under police you put

canSee = {
     ['police'] = true,

Under Ambulance you put

canSee = {
     ['ambulance'] = true,
     ['police'] = true,

You can out scale in there like shown in screen

+rep Tohle je topka!

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is this working well with Onesync Leagacy ?

Blips aren’t changing when officers get in a police vehicle, maybe I’m missing something…

When I go on duty, this happens…

That is with the setting for “baseevents” set to “FALSE”.

Yes, it should work fine

Gonna look into it

Updated, redownload from Git.
Problem should be fixed

With normal Onesync i become errors with esx_duty

That is weird, because this script does not interact with esx_duty at all

Can you please send some screenshots?

Looks like a solid resource. Although I don’t have a server myself its nice to see that some people indeed keep their resources free. Awesome job dude.

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So I cannot seem to set the vehicle blips, for some reason the config only reads default vehblip. Even the default blip, im assuming the one right under lssd - blip is the default player blip not in a car or anything. But I have put the spawn code and vehicle hash in there it says 35438681. Instead it just shows up as nothing. Blank.

['lssd'] = {
        ignoreDuty = true,
        blip = {
            sprite = 1,
            color = 29,
            scale = 0.7,
            flashColors = {
        vehBlip = {
            ['default'] = {
                sprite = 1,
                color = 29,
            ['35438681'] = {
                sprite = 463,
                color = 29,

You have to put hash in the [] brackets.

Either number hash (not string, number), GetHashKey(‘carname’) or


← last is recommended