[Free][ESX] Chop shop

This is yet another chop shop mod, but I think I have an interesting take on it.

It creates an NPC that you need to find and talk to, once you talk to him he will give you a random car from an array and a location, you need to retrieve the car and take it to a chop shop garage (all of which are configurable locations), there you can chop the car. The amount of money received for chopping the car depends on the damage the car has taken during travel. If you damage the car way too much you will receive no payment.


I made the script very configurable with an easy to use config file. It also has an option for cooldown but keep in mind this wasn’t tested a lot so it might be wonky. It also uses next to no computer resources, sitting at 0.02 ms idle and 0.15ms when you are drawing the text.

This script uses pogressBar made by Poggu, which you can download here.
If you decide you don’t want to use these progress bars, you can simply replace all the exports in the client script with the one you use.

Feel free to edit the script to your liking, but please do not share or release your edited versions anywhere without first getting my permissions.

You can download the script here

How to install

  1. Remove the -master from the name
  2. Place the folder into your resources folder
  3. Start the script in your server.cfg

If you’re using pogressBar, download it, if there is remove -master in the name, put the folder in the resources folder and start it in your server.cfg Make sure you start it before the chopshop script.


The car in mission, dont spawn:

Change the coordinates in the config file to your liking, the ones I set were just placeholder for testing so I may have gotten some wrong by accident so it could be in the ground. Do the same for the car models.

Fantastic script

Thank you!

The coords look perfect, and the spawncodes are perfect, but no cars. Script looks so neat, hope you have an idea how fix it with me :smiley:

Do you get any screaming red errors in the console after you finish talking to the NPC? (F8 is the button to open the console in case you don’t know)

i feel like this is more of a car delivery script than a chop shop. Nice job on everything tho looks like it works good.

Yeah, I just wanted a bit of a different take on it, as I feel most of them are like “Here’s a list, bring any of these cars to the circle”. Thank you though!

same here, no car spawns at the marked locations except i change the VehicleLoaction right next to the NPC

Are you getting any errors in the console?

no errors. i solved the problem by setting car spawnpoints near to the NPC. maybe it’s a car despawn problem or onesync …

Yeah it could very much be a onesync problem, I never tested it with onesync as I don’t use it on my local server. If you ever tinker around with it and figure out how to get them to spawn with it on, please share it here!

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If you would be interested to see how others do it, here’s an example for ambulance-mission script. It’s creator had to come up with the same fix.

And you can use OneSync on your test server too, it’s free for 32 player slot

Thanks for the direction to that ambo script: I can confirm that solution works here too. Basically edit the script so that it only spawns the car as you approach the location.


    if HasVehicleObjective == true and not vehicleHasSpawned then
      local distance = Get3DDistance(PlayerCoords, vehicleCoords)
      if distance < 50 then

(But then other edits, to move spawning into a separate function and make some local things global.)

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I am getting this issue but i dont know how to correct it. Anyone can help?

when i change chopshop location the script stops working how do i fix this