[FREE] [ESX] Call Team For Ingame Whitelist


For what is this script exactly?

If you have an ingame whitelist on your server, this is a perfect script for you. If a player spawns in the whiteliste ingame and no teammember is at the ingame whitelist like a airport. The player just can go to an NPC and send a notify to all teammembers that are online. You have a good and understandable config for translation and add/remove groups for the notify. For more information just put this script on the server and adjust the config for your wishes.


  • not in use 0.00 ms/in use 0.01-0.04
  • custom groups (Config)
  • good Config
  • good code (i think)
  • custom Translation (Config)
  • support via CFX Forum





Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 100
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

nices script :ok_hand:

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Nice script!

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Nice Script, but can you edit that you can set a webhook to Discord for this Info? love the script

Thanks for the support and yea i can add a webhook to this. But now i am Not at Home but in 2-3 days i shloud be included

its now online just download it on github: GitHub - Sander2222/sa_callguide: Call a teammember for ingame whitelist

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good script

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Hey ho :slight_smile:

We got this error, when you call an admin and the admin got no message:

SCRIPT ERROR: @sa_callguide/server/main.lua:18: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘Config’)

Thanks for the message, I think i know the problem. I will be fix it soon

so i think i fixed the problem (i am on Holiday), can you test it and then message me if it is working? just download it from github

[ script:sa_callguide] SCRIPT ERROR: @sa_callguide/server/main.lua:20: attempt to concatenate a nil value (field ‘PlayerAsked’)

New Error :slight_smile:

AddEventHandler(‘sa_callguide:NotifyTeam’, function()
local _source = source
local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(_source)

if Configsv.ActiveWebhook then

for k, playerid in pairs(GetPlayers()) do
    local xPlayers = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(playerid)
    for i, v in ipairs(Configcl.Groups) do
        if xPlayers.getGroup() == v then
            TriggerClientEvent('okokNotify:Alert', playerid, "Title", "Message", 5000, 'info')


Comment out your shownotification and use the notificationsystem from okok works. Putting the value PlayerAsked in Language Config doesnt work. Maybe it helps you :slight_smile:

Hmm sad but i see the problem. I fix it soon…

i think i fixed it can you test it? If it is not working send me a message (i cant test it because i am on holiday)

thanks, love you men :slight_smile:

No problem