[FREE] Dom_BikerMission | Extremely Configurable | Standalone



Start up: ~0.12/ms

In use: ~0.01/ms

Idle: 0.00/ms

What is this?

This is a standalone biker mission script with a few dependencies to make sure everything runs smoothly

It's made to be an extremely configurable script that can work with any roleplay server

It's made to be a 1 time completed per server restart so if it is completed that's it until server restart

This resource includes:

  • NPC to start a job

  • Location to spawn the car with NPC’s

  • Random location to drop off the car

  • Gives a reward


  • Change all locations

  • Change the reward to anything

  • Change any models

  • Change the amount of NPC’s

  • Change all notifications

What do I need?

There are 3 dependencies needed to make sure the script runs smoothly, make sure you have the most recent releases:

- Ox Inventory

- Ox Lib

- Ox Target


Start dom_bikermission after dependencies



I like it but why is it only 1 time until server restart tho ? Can’t add something like a cool down for it ?

Made it for a friend for his server as a way to give a rare item out but not let people abuse it and flood the server with it. You could add in a cooldown instead with about 10 lines of extra code.

It would be cool to have it implemented as an option in config.

I’ll push that update tomorrow.

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Hello sun, do you think you can make a script with the ox_target to rent bicycles? :smiley:

Update pushed to allow a cooldown in the config or have it as one time use.

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There is already a script for that using qtarget and ox_target is compatible with that.

Thank you Dom !