[FREE] Cypress Gas Station

Cypress Gas Station YMAP

Description: A complete overhaul of a corner lot in Cypress Hills area that has been turned into a Gas Station. Pumps are useable with all gas scripts. All old prop collisions removed, removed peds / vehicles from area, custom lighting for the gas station itself as well as custom prop models.


Future Updates:
Currently making a custom billboard prop that you will be able to change and modify custom to your liking!

Direct Download Here → Digitz_CypressGas – Google Drive

Preview Screenshots:

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Subscription-based No
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Support Yes

Thankyou, looks really great, and nice with a gasstation here , just need to get that container removed

vec3(734.47, -2022.25, 29.29)


Nearby MLO’s / YMAPS that use the same area will cause those props to re-appear. Removing them completely during the development process proved more problematic, with other interiors / maps. I suggest checking if you have anything nearby.