[FREE] Custom License Plates and Patterns

How do I fix my above issue?

same error.

I have entered this with ensure xnPlates; exec @xnPlates/plates.cfg in the Server.cfg and have not changed anything in the config. do I have to do anything else?

i got this same thing

I was able to see the plates perfectly in the server, however, another person was only able to see the changed textures on plate 01-yankton and was not able to see the textures on plate_mod_01-07. (cleared server cache)

Edit: Going to test this shortly with another person, will update with more information later.

Edit 2: Tested this with another person after having them clear their cache and the server’s. They were unable to see plate_mod 01 through 07, however, they were perfectly able to see plate 01 through 05 and Yankton. (I am still able to see all the plates with no issues, including after I cleared by own cache.)

Any help would be more than appreciated.

Just to confirm your issue, some people are able to see the new custom plates, while others are not?

If so, I’m encountering a similar problem where everyone can see the standard GTA V plates that I replaced with custom ones, however, they are not able to see the modified plates: Plates_mod_01-07.
Any suggestions?

How do I get the option to select the plate mods? I can’t seem to find any way to get them to appear in a menu.