[FREE] Custom Animated Billboard-02


Hello everyone!
This is my new release, Custom Animated Billboard.

Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (2)


  • You can change the sequence of the images from the file called “vx_bl_ca_texture”.

DOWNLOAD: GitHub - Ry682/VX-AnimatedBillBoard02
TEBEX: https://vexo-shop.tebex.io/

Code is accessible Yes
Support Yes

Nice Work :heart_eyes:

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I rock with this looks great in my server :100: :+1:

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Good Job! :heart:

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Thank you! Your billboards are great but they move quite fast. I’m not sure how to edit a ycd but I can’t find anything on google to help me slow the speed down either

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hello @Oliver_Lewis , if you want you can contact me in private so I can help you

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can somebody help me i have a server andd its so many scripts i want to install but dont know how to

are the LODs working ok for you? guys for me only appears when close up,

Can you update and put in a ycd that makes it moves slow?

By tradition, when using GitHub, you may not send rar files to GitHub, but sending the whole thing unpacked. If you don’t know how to do it, use GitHub Desktop.