[[Free]] Chop Shop

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With Chop Shop you will be able to Chop your Cars You will be able to put the Chose the cars that you want Player able to Chop The Ped you see will take off the doors, trunk also the hood
Then he will give you some item you are able to sell those item to an other guy at an house near the chop shop he will give you money for the items you give him by pressings [E]
How this Chop shop work you can’t give the guy that buy the item items that you had for along time you have to sell it to him as you get it else he will not take it. You can’t chop the car then leave the server then try to sell him it he will also not take it. You can watch an preview of how the script look below.

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bro there loads of chop shop on fivem forums and they all look the same … for example this one is free [Release][Free][ESX] Chop shop - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community why should people pay you for yours when there a free one out there… you also need to give a better discription on what this dose not just putting a https://forum.cfx.re/uploads/default/optimized/4X/1/b/8/1b8218c0a2e971caa441fd1896ebddc62799e992_2_690x388.png this there with no word text :confused: … like i said this looks like the others out there thats are free…


i dont mean to knock your work dude but try doing to little research before releasing :slight_smile:

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Ok will write down more info why my script is not like the other chop script out there

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it will help you in the long run if you add info of the script … as people will just do what i didnt and look for the free versions as there all pretty much the same aspect anyways :slight_smile: … good luck with future releases :slight_smile:

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Honored that my script is the one you mentioned out of all the great free chop shop resources mate :slight_smile:

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Is it FREE or PAID ?
If it’s FREE then why there’s a You decide how much to pay and if it’s paid then why there’s a FREE tag :thinking:

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It is free if you want to pay you can if you don’t want to you can put 0.00

Ohh got it (i was putting 0 there instead of 0.0)

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if its free just upload it to here bro

The point of doing it this way is people will be inclined to visit their website and see their other resources they offer. Uploading it to GitHub wouldn’t advertise their other scripts kek.

It’s just a play to advertise other resources by releasing something for free. It also wasn’t free before as I recall them actually selling this resource before :man_shrugging: probably didn’t get many bites.

As you said, there’s numerous resources out there that do this and theirs isn’t much better assuming it has the numerous downflaws the others do which is distance checks and markers.

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Actually that was not why I put it on the website it was on it already so I just had to put it for free easier.

YES it was for sale but i pointed out there already a bunch of free “chop shop” scripts out there thats free and also pointed out they all so the same lol

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not free xD

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You added this option today Screenshot by Lightshot
Was it free? Screenshot by Lightshot

BRUH READ WHAT I REPLY TO YOU YESTERDAY SAYING because over 20 person has got it already for free before i added :mascot: Press Here For Direct Download
yes i add that option last night that just another way to get the script doggone.

ahh i forgot about that going to add it