[FREE] Autodrive and Vehicle Tagging resource

Autodrive is a resource for FiveM servers

Github: Link

YouTube Video
Be sure to leave a like :heart:, test it out, and let me know what you think :muscle:
Any feedback, suggestions, new ideas to implement, bugs, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Autodrive
  • Hotkey support
  • FiveM registered hotkeys
  • Radial Menu support
  • NativeUI support

Autodrive to locations:

  • Custom destinations
  • Free Roam Fuel stations

Driving Styles:

  • Custom preset driving styles
  • Custom user input driving styles

Driving Speeds:

  • Custom input with hotkey support
  • Follow speed limits on roads (thanks to big yoda for the street names)

Vehicle Tagging:

  • Tag vehicles and mark them on the map
  • Follow tagged vehicles with autodrive

Radial Menu not included. This is needed for autodrive to use Radial Menu


  • NativeUI Menu = " LSHIFT + DEL "
  • Autodrive = " 0 " Disable = " s "
  • SpeedUP = " + "
  • SpeedDOWN = " - "
  • Tag Vehicle = " ] "
  • Follow Vehicle = " ’ "


  • Download the latest version
  • Copy to the server resources folder
  • Add ensure ta-autodrive to the server.cfg

Day 1 Patch released
Fixed an issue with waypoints
Fixed an issue to turn off OSD when not in a vehicle
Fixed an issue to disable autodrive commands when not in a vehicle


This is my first published resource. Let me know your thoughts!
I’m still working on it and improving it. Let me know if you find any bugs and glitches. I also have a few more free releases planned so stay tuned!

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would like to have it so item is required to use it. possible?

Permissions are on the list to do. What kind of item would you want required? That could be implemented. Thanks for the feedback :muscle:

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Day 1 patch released
Update 1.1
Fixed an issue with waypoints
Fixed an issue to turn off OSD when not in a vehicle
Fixed an issue to disable autodrive commands when not in a vehicle

just an Autodrive item. or maybe advanced gps.
or make it so that the item can be changed in config to whatever someone prefers.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll work on adding that in
Like a key or fob or something like that

I’m still making improvements. Someone requested I add the ability to toggle mph/kmh in game. This will be added in the next update :muscle:

What about an option to install an autodrive kit? Would anyone like that option?

Purchase a kit from a shop/mechanic and install it to allow autodrive. Play a quick animation to install and then remove the kit when it’s used.

Then a key fob is needed to open the menus or engage the autodrive. Maybe have special permissions to install the vehicle tagger and use the follow autodrive.

I started work on QBcore integration. This will have items, installation, and qbmenu.

I have plans for:
A key fob needed for using the autodrive
Several parts and upgrades
An autodrive kit that’s installed on vehicles to add autodrive to vehicles (with animations)
Various upgrades to unlock driving styles, speeds, destinations, and vehicle tagging/following

Could be like a progression system. Get the base version by installing the autodrive kit. Then install upgrade “modules” to unlock the more advanced autodrive options.

I’ve added the item to use for autodrive. Purchase it from shops or where ever you like. This key fob let’s you activate and control the autodrive features. I’ve added QB integration. QBmenu, notify, inventory, etc. I also started work on creating an installation with animations. Purchase the parts to upgrade the autodrive. Install the OSD, vehicle tagger/follower, and more. I’ll be updating and adding these features soon!

I have added parts to install to “unlock” autodrive features. Toggle the config to enable it. The parts unlock free roam autodrive, driving styles, etc. A key fob needs to be purchased and an autodrive kit needs to be installed to enable autodrive. Toggle with the config if you want to use it. Coming in the next update.