[FREE] Anti Fire Rate

You can simply block damage upgrades on your server with metafiles.

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There isn’t much detail on what this resource is, would you mind adding more to the thread?

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Thank you so much! This is great! I have many players on my server who use damage boost and none of the anticheat blocks it… This will solve my problem.

Can you do a rate of fire script please to make the combat pistol shoot faster?

You can change that yourself in meta files. Just stream an edited version of the meta file for the combatpistol.

I dont know how to do that :confused: :pensive:

Repo is either private or deleted mate. You need to update the link :slight_smile:

I updated, added new weapons

Blocks weapon speed boost and weapon damage boost

Could you give me more info on how people actually do it? I’ve never come across it