[free] 24/7 store [mlo]

This is 24/7 STORE which is Located in Los Santos beside Tequi-la-la

As promised to keep releasing all of these stores in that area, this is the second which is 24/7 store, I’ll be working on the next one in a few days, you decide what it should be, I’d be really happy to hear your suggestions!


24/7 is as simple as the pharmacy, I provide all the support you could want, if you have any ideas about the shop that would make it better, I’d be happy to make changes to make it even better.

Preview: Youtube

Tebex if you wanna support: Dipzzy | [MLO] 24/7 Store

Free Download: Free maps.zip | Files.fm.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Thanks for the free release!
Does this also work with pharmacy?

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Yes homie, the download link has the pharmacy and store working together.
You’re welcome tho!

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Ducking :duck: dope! thanks!

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thank you !!!

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You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Indeed awesome release again from Dipzzy, thnx!

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Glad hat you liked it! :heart_eyes:

Small update:

Increase the intensity of the light to make the store brighter at night.

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I really like them but i can’t enter them. It’s like there’s some collission in the doors. Could you help ?
Thank you for the share !

It could be a MLO beside the store causing that, do you have any MLO’s beside the store?

Hi Dipzzy, I was reading the comments earlier today trying to figure it out what’s causing that and i don’t have anything in that area at all, but just in case i will add the map to a fresh server and see, maybe i’m missing something and it’s on my end.

In that folder there is two MLOs which is the Pharmacy and Store, try to put them together and lemme know how it will go.

I added the pharmacy only on a fresh server and it’s working fine. I must have something conflicting with it. Your mlo’s are working and they aren’t the issue.

EDIT : So found the culprit of that issue. It was the comedy club. Now they work fine.
Thanks again !

can you fix the direct download, it takes to a site where it says they are deleted

so prefect ty , alredy put gas station working eheheh

new link?