FREE 1700+ RedM Optimized Inventory Images

This is a Free library collection of inventory images I create.

1746 images are 96x96px
You will need to change the .png file names to match your scripts image names.

Can be used for your server, your script - I am releasing these for free for use related to RedM servers.
Files are donated AS IS for use.

Icon images cover:

  • Extensive Food & Drinks
  • Beard & Hair Care
  • Make-up
  • Alcohol
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Lumber
  • Criminal Tools
  • Moonshine
  • Crafting
  • All Weapons
  • Law Images
  • HUGE variety of furnishings (over 600 images)
  • and More

Link to google zip: 1700+ FREE RedM Inventory Image Icons
Link to my FREE FIveM GTAV Image Pack: FREE 1000+ Lore Friendly, Optimized Inventory Images

Subscription-based No
Support No

im unable to download that file. Any other way to get these ?

Click the blue link then at the top right there is a download icon.


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Thank you. May they serve you well.

wow great job :purple_heart: thanks for sharing

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UPDATE: Added images to the pack when I realized there were a couple missing. Apologies.

Canned Apricots
Schmitz Backed Beans
1/2 Consumed Jolly Jacks Chewing tobacco

good work