FreaksWelcome 100k or Die


Looking to just have a city to chill out on the block or do high profile crime when you want? Handups Freak it’s 100korDie brought to you by FreaksWelcome RP. Here to build a true community of players who enjoy collective fun with others. They always called us freaks because they were never as good as us!
We are looking for active staff, police, and civilians. Want a specific position? Send us why directly via Discord to apply! All sorts of positions available.
• Want your own Rockford Hill’s police force with your friends? A functional Police Station is ready for you!
• A gang unit that works in the SouthSide? A functional Police Station is ready for you!
• Countryside Sheriff work with the boys? A functional Police Station is ready for you!

Simple ruleset:
• Must own a microphone
• Understand the basics of not going OOC in RP
• Be at least the age of 15

400+ custom vehicles. Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles, Tuners, Imports. You want something? Come find us on Discord and we can make it happen.
• F2 - Inventory
• F3 - Emotes
• F5 - Cell Phone
• F6 - Job menu (If your set to a job)
• U - Vehicle Unlock/Lock
• F10 - Player List
• K - Character Menu
/ooc - Out of Character
/me - Self Command
/twt - Tweet
/th - Take Hostage
/carry - Carry Person
/piggyback - Put on your back

First 5 to join get an extra 2.5M 5 invites gets you 2.5M, 10 invites gets you 15M