FR Client Menu encoding overload NOT the GTA Game

Okay I will try not to confuse anyone so explain as simple as I can.

When running OBS studio if I have the FiveReborn client capturing in a scene in OBS; OBS will stop uploading and end the stream. A simulation of the effect would be if you lose connection to the internet. Keep in mind I am NOT losing connection to the internet at all. OBS just simply stops uploading. The upload speed drops to 0kbs and the stream disconnects. Everything else internet related is still running fine.

Here was the work around. I switch to a scene that is NOT CAPTURING the FiveReborn client, while looking for a server. After connection to a server and being fully in a GTA game I can switch the scene back and capture or stream the game fine.

In other words, just the server selection screen causes this issue IF it is captured in OBS. I have no idea why this happens. There is a message when the issue happens of ENCODING OVERLOAD. Which is crazy because it is literally just the FR server menu that is being encoded.

I have tried several options, tried faster settings, different encoding options. All sorts of stuff. It’s just a menu interface why it would cause an encoding overload I have no idea. I am running a 7700k and 32gb of ram, with plenty of SSD space.

Any advice will be welcome. I can stream GTA fine after getting completely in a server, but having to switch scenes if I get kicked sometimes is a problem.


Report this to the developers of “OBS Studio”, this has nothing to do with FiveM.