👑 Four Kings --> Server Trailer/Double Money Weekend/Best City Guaranteed

– Fixed Admin bug regarding banning/kicking people
– Fixed vineyard bug (should now be working properly)
– Added Jerry cans

  • can be bought from walking upto a gas pump

  • can be refilled at gas pumps

  • currently it has durability( might be buggy lmk)
    – Added NPC Robbing

  • added a loot table for robbing NPC( unlisted items added)

  • modified the cooldown
    – edit to the progress bar slightly
    – temp. removed nany feature to request a doctor to pillbox
    – Meth price adjusted for sale
    – Weed price adjusted for sale
    – Progress bar switch up

  • Updated stats checker in game
    – Commands:
    – /playtime (check your playtime)
    – /playtimelb (check the playtime leaderboards)
    – /playtimeprize (check this months prizes)
    – /playtime ID (admin function)

Now every month we’ll have prizes for the most active players. Open a ticket if you believe you’re owed a prize at the end of the month

  • Playtime will get wiped every month *
  • Added some recording/menu scripts
    – To help create the server trailer

– Added Vehicle Finance

  • you can now finance your a car from pdm

  • /finance [amount] will now pay towards your finance

  • /finance will tell you how much finance you have left to pay

  • added in the ability for the PDM to be player owned

  • Apartment Changes
    – All apartments have been moved to alta street now

    • All of current player stashes moved to alta street
    • When you arrive to alta street, it will ask you to press G to convert your previous apartment info across
    • bike rentals added outside of alta street complex
    • Added Garage outside of the complex

Changes made by AJ:

– Can now rent bikes by PLACEHOLDER for 100$ ( they will be at Alta Street )
–Can also return the bikes by getting off it the bike and pressing G | will get 50% of original price back for returning it

(this was a pretty huge change, the phone and all of its apps are a WIP and are subject to change)
–Redesigned a whole new phone
–Can call people by typing their number in on the keypad
–Added music player to the phone
–Added Illegal blackmarket to the phone coming soon (needs economical balancing)
–Added new rep used with blackmarket app coming soon
–Removed the ability for police to see the racing app
–Added the ability to take a selfie and post it on twitter
–Added the ability for certain people to become verified on twitter | more info to come
–Added the ability for certain people to change their @ | (ex. @Adam_James) | more info to come
–Added new app so see what mechanics are on
–Added slither.io to the phone
–Redesigned Bank to look more like PayPal
–Added new phone notifications for

– Can now double click items to use them
– New Inventory user interface made by AJ
– Added a close button for the inventory

Recent reports show Los Santos is having a grape shortage which means there is HIGH demand for wine right now! Don’t miss your opportunity to swing by the Vineyard this weekend and sell your wine for a premium price! :money_mouth_face:

More info is in the announcements/changelogs channel in Discord → Four Kings RP

Have a great weekend everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bumping this great server

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Look forward to seeing you all this week :slight_smile:

Sultan late night cruise :ok_hand:

Came to this server as a pleb, now I am a Chad. Got myself a Baller LWB, a Karuma, and a Bike. Sweet job at the hospital and lots of patients. Really good RP. Life is good! Check us out!

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Get ready for another wild weekend in the city! I wouldnt want to miss it if I were you.:zipper_mouth_face:

come check us out <3 would love to see new faces in city

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