👑 Four Kings --> Server Trailer/Double Money Weekend/Best City Guaranteed

Been almost a month now I have been apart of FKRP and the devs amaze me each week with new updates making the city better and better. Amazing RP and If you’re looking for a long term place to stay I can definitely recommend you to join and try it out, I promise you will be hooked :slight_smile: There’s so much to do already in the city and there’s only more to come.

Also the car meet last week was so much fun!

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That drafter is soo nice I cant stop looking at it :eyes:

eyes off my baby xD

Ready to get my hands dirty on all your vehicles

–Added Cigarettes, Cigars, CubanCigars
–Reworked how Joints work

  • Smoking now reduces stress
  • Can put any smokable item in your mouth or back into your hand pressing ‘Pageup’ or ‘pagedown’
  • Take a drag/hit of your smokebale item by pressing ‘E’
  • Once you’ve used up the cigarette, the item will be discarded and your character will throw it away
  • Can now smoke in your vehicle (character will put smokeable item in their mouth)
  • Can temporarily take item out of mouth and into your hand while in the car using the ‘pageup’ or ‘pagedown’ toggle (roleplay purposes)
  • going into water/ if its raining and you’re outside the smokeable item should extinguish and go out
  • Added a lighter item (needed to light smokeable items)
  • Added lighting particle effect
  • Effects of smoking now take effect every hit/drag + additionally when you’ve finished smoking
  • If you dont take hits/drags of your smokeable item, it will eventually burn out by itself
  • Removed Smoking animations from the emotes menu (can’t fake smoke anymore without the items)
  • Added cigarette packs to stores
  • Cigarette packs contain up to 10 smokes
  • Using a cigarette pack will remove 1 smoke from the packaging
  • using last cigarette from a pack will now give you an empty cigarette box
  • Added illegal purpose for empty cigarette packs
  • smoking in your car will automatically lower your window


–Joints now give armor over time as you smoke
–Added check for a lighter

Future joint Features:

-Hotboxing(if you choose to close your window while driving you will be able to hotbox your vehicle and the passengers inside will be effected also at a reduced rate)

New reloading mechanics for weapons

  • Magazines now required to reload weapons
  • Magazines must be loaded with ammunition before loading into a weapon
    Oxy effect now works correctly
    Added some missing item pictures

A bunch of other shit regarding the smoking mechanics but i need to go get ready to leave and dont have time

take a drag from smoking = press ‘E’
Place smokeable item in mouth = ‘Page up’ key
put smokeable item back into hand = ‘page down’ key
drop cigarette = ‘X’ key

New system for smoking adds another layer to RP I love it! The ability to take a drag whenever you want and throw the joint away is really nice, Really enhances the immersion. Excited to see how hotboxing will be :slight_smile:

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Great community, Y’all have me cracking up all the time.

There is still demand for LSPD and EMS positions here. Think you have what it takes to save lives? Join today!

Meth is now in the city! be sure to read up on our development roadmap posted in the FKRP Discord.
There you will be able to see everything our amazing developers are actively working on and future plans for PD/EMS/Civilians/Vehicles and much more!

– Meth Added to the city
– Created a 6 step process to Meth (Sadly can’t share that info here though)
– Added Meth Ingredients
– Adjusted ingame shop items
– Adjusted Meth Locations
– Fixed Meth bugs found during update to live server
– Added Meth selling process
– Added Meth Lab keypad

– Vehicle prices for upgrades made upto 100x cheaper for each vehicle group

  • in the future each vehicle will have its own custom prices for upgrades

– Created Roadmap/developers log
– Created Adverts on 6 different Sites for the City
– Trailer for the City in the works (estimate 2 weeks for completion)

Been working on this beast for a month now, Its finally coming alive!!

City views :ok_hand:


Swing by the city tonight! The hunt is on to find something in the city everyone is after… what could it be? Or where could it be? :eyes: Some hints may be in discord :shushing_face:

Another amazing weekend in the city, Had a blast with everyone!

thankyou to all the new people that joined today! was fun meeting ya’ll in the city! :smiley: :champagne:


Yeah how many can we get on this weekend tho?


Really fun interactions and RP all around from everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: Shoutout to Russell, You know why :rofl:

LMAO TRUE!!! That girl MEL too! :rofl:

Welcome to our 2 new developers aj and OSMIUM!
Glad to have them apart of the family :slightly_smiling_face:

This weekend is going to be huge! Server is currently down for a short time to implement this weeks changes. You can read up on them in the discord above :slight_smile:

Be sure to swing by and check em out in the city too, I hear theres a new phone! :open_mouth: