Foundation Roleplay | Serious Roleplay | Economy | Custom clothes, cars, drugs, gangs, and jobs

Foundation Roleplay


Server Features:
:star:┋Constant Development Updates
:white_check_mark:┋Loving Staff Team
:briefcase:┋12 Legal Jobs
:smile:┋9 Side Activities
:chart_with_upwards_trend:┋8 Player Ran Businesses
:pill:┋Custom Drugs
:teddy_bear:┋Custom collectibles
:necktie:┋Custom clothes and jewelry
:gun:┋6 Different Robberies
:oncoming_police_car:┋Balanced Cop | Crim Cars
:red_car:┋600+ Import cars
:gun:┋Real Modular Guns and unique weapons
:checkered_flag:┋illegal Racing with dongles and boosting contracts
:house_with_garden:┋Custom Gang Hideouts
:muscle: ┋PvP Events!
:computer:┋Integrated CAD
:tada: ┋Giveaways !
:butterfly: ┋Wingsuits !
:checkered_flag: ┋legal Drag and Circuit races
:hammer:┋Crafting (Guns/Attachments etc…)
:memo:┋Custom QoL commands & scripts

:toilet:┋JAIL UPDATE! search mattresses and toilets in jail for goods!

Foundation Roleplay is a FiveM Role-Play server created by ambitious developers who want to create a good quality server for their community, without the worry of a pay-to-win environment. FoundationRP has a broad horizon of features with a multitude of opportunities for any new/existing player. Join us today to start your new RP journey :heart:

Launching Saturday August 13, 2022 !