Forgotten Trails Serious RP 18+ Active Staff Hiring Police & Doctors

Forgotten Trails Serious RP 18+ Active Staff Hiring Police & Doctors

Discord : Forgotten Trails

About Forgotten Trails

  • Our main goal for creating this community is to provide a place where people can feel safe and welcome . Each day we are growing and looking to welcome more people.

Think you’re a sharpshooter and you can handle anything criminals can toss your way ? Go have a talk with the Law and work your way up within the local Sheriff’s Office. Oh, hate taking orders from your superiors ? Then maybe you better become a bounty hunter. In case you prefer to take care of sick and hurt rather than cause injuries, you might want to become a certified doctor or a shaman who carries on the indigenous practices taught by your ancestors. Like guns and got an eye for deadly aesthetics? Learn how to craft them and become the most in-demand gunsmith in the county! Oh, and in case you are one of those crazy horse people, you can tame them, train them, race them.

Or, maybe you just want to be a regular citizen that just farms or lives as a hermit. It’s all up to you.

** Features we offer**

Horse training

Player owned Stores and Businesses



Player Robberies



Customizable Weapons


Cinema and Live Shows




Bank Heist

Store Robberies


Bounty Hunter

Coach deliveries


Jail system



Mail Box / PO box

Player homes and interiors

Jobs we are hiring for

Police / Doctors

Tebex link :





  1. Fixed a few delivery job bugs

  2. Updated Stores script. Store items can now be purchased with same mechanisms as moving things to your storage (horse/wagon/house/etc)

  3. Stables script update to fix some bugs.

  4. Regions have been removed from Police, Marshals & Sheriffs No matter where they are they all will get an alert now. Now the criminals have stores and forts they can go rob.

5.Female bodies are now complete. Do /undress for undergarments do /dress to put your clothes back on.

  • Added FemPedBaseModel
  • Added FemPedTexture
  • Added soft whitelist to county via discord verification
  • Added a rules button upon entering the county (next restart)
  • Fixed society shops around the county linked to businesses
  • Added horse racing tracks at Emerald Ranch & Outside of Blackwater