Forged RP | QBCore Realistic-Community Driven -- NEW!

Forged RP / Realistic and Serious RP QBCore Server / BRAND NEW

  • Active PD with tons of resources for PD RP
  • Active EMS
  • All gangs/MCs welcome (custom MLOs, clothes, vehicles, and weapons for established gangs)
  • 1 of 1s available
  • Custom MLOs, scripts, and whitelisted jobs
  • Drugs, crafting, realistic economy
  • Infinite Jobs, Group Civilian Jobs, Trucking, Player owned gas stations and stores
  • Diamond Casino with lucky wheel for a chance to win a RARE car
  • Player owned vehicle shops
  • Player owned mech shops
  • Tons of activities to do (heists, theme park, racing, paintball, bowling, etc)
  • Boosting, drifting, racing
  • Hidden activities, drug locations, and more
  • Custom vehicles (debadged) and custom tattoos available
  • Revamped heists
  • Tons of activities to do crime and non-crime
  • Not a “pay to win” server
  • Highly optimized server so none to minimal headaches in city!

We have an active staff and our city is not “run by staff.”
We give everyone a chance at owning a business, gang, or running a department.
Chill environment and growing daily. Come join us and be a part of the fun!

Updates almost daily to the city!
Some updates below:

The lucky wheel in city is FREE TO SPIN ONCE PER DAY for 7 DAYS as of today as a grand opening event.
Come give it a spin and check out the city and try to win a free lamborghini svj!
After 05/15/2024, the lucky wheel spin will be in the tebex store to spin.

Forged RP will be hosting TWO events on Saturday, May 11 at 8pm and 10pm EST!
The 1st one will be a paintball tournament at Maze Bank Arena with CASH prizes at 8pm EST.
The 2nd one will be a AIRDROP EVENT at 10pm EST.
Hints will be given on twitter in city on where the potential airdrops might be.

~Come have some fun and win some cash and valuable loot!~

Growing daily!