Forced Offline mode after uninstalling FiveReborn

i saw this mod and i got happy and downloaded it, after downloading, i start the game and it didn’t work. so i uninstalled the mod (just deleted the folder and cleared recycle bin) and did verify game integrity and i opened the game and it still did not work. The first thing i noticed is after the cop car intro thing the screen would flash green (when the mod was installed it flashed red then showed the menu than crashed) after the green flash it will show the copyright stuff then show that im loading into single-player. and the rockstar notifications on the top right would say on the top “To access your Social Club features, press [HOME].” then below “likinchicken321 Has signed in. [Offline]” im sorry this was long but if anybody knows or can even just get me a step closer out of this online free hell just tell me what you think. this has been a thing for about a month now and i can find anyone with the same problem on the ENTIRE Internet.

@likinchicken321 i have also redownloaded the game and checked the game files after deletion, nothing is there. i have done this plenty of times.

nevermind fixed it what a quinky dinky