Force players to use Steam


is there any way to force a joining player to have steam open in background?

Thx for helping

Why you want to live i 1990:? Why you want consume a player cpu and ram on Soft what he dont need?

But stay old and outdated
Here is your FORCE_:

# Steam Web API key, if you want to use Steam authentication (
# -> replace "" with the key
set steam_webApiKey "KEYS"

put this in your server.cfg and fill your key

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hey bro just add this to any server side plus the set steam_webApiKey “KEYS” in the cfg

local function OnPlayerConnecting(name, setKickReason, deferrals)

local player = source

local steamIdentifier

local identifiers = GetPlayerIdentifiers(player)

for _, v in pairs(identifiers) do

    if string.find(v, "steam") then

        steamIdentifier = v




if not steamIdentifier then


    setKickReason("Please connect your  Steam.")

AddEventHandler(“playerConnecting”, OnPlayerConnecting)

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where do i add this?

In server file

sorry for those questions but do you mean server.cfg ?

thx bro got it

inside any of your scripts in the server side

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You should never force Steam or Discord to be opened for joining your server.
If either Steam or Discord is down (it happened numerous times already, and will happen again) no one will be able to join your server.

we can easily turn it off then
i made an own script only for steam