For Starters (PLEASE READ)

Hello, my name is Victor, and I have played this server for about 4 days now. Now to start, that is not a lot of time to say a final statement about a server, however, there is a reason why I am writing this right now. Indiana Department of Justice is by far the best server, friendliest server, advanced server, in-depth server and realistic that I have ever seen. I am still new, and have much more to discover, but as for the time being, this has been the best server to play on for newbies, and pre-exiting FiveM players that are looking for not only a realistic server that gets straight to the point after pressing the “Connect” button, but the overall community, for example, members, staff, etcetera, are amazing human beings, that are open and welcome to new comers that would like to learn the ways of IDOJ. I was amazed by the staff interactions I have had in this server. They are very warm-hearted, and they have made it very clear that their main goal is to serve their members in the nicest way possible. Now take all the information above and compare it to any other server on FiveM. Sounds like a dream right? Well dream no more. There is only so much I can put in here, so rather than going further, experience the IDOJ way. LOVE!

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