Florida State First Responders | Hiring All Ranks | https://discord.gg/tZjJWBd | DOJ BASED | Cad/Mdt | EUP | Custom Cars | California Based

Hello FiveM Community! My name is Delta and I am looking for well committed active members for my community! We are a Florida based server with active staff and leo! We have a couple staff positions open and many leo and fire positions open for the taking!


  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pasco Fire Department

What the server includes as of right now!

  • A Teamspeak
  • Cad/Mdt
  • 32 slot Fivem Server
  • Discord
  • And a Website on the way!

Please enjoy the Florida State First Responders Roleplaying Community!

Busy at work adding more civilian vehicles for the server!

Some big changes happening in the server now! New leo vehicles comming soon!

Hey there, I’m Nick. 27 years old currently serving in the US Air Force. I’m looking for a new serious server to call home. I have years of supervisory experience in the military and many more within law enforcement on roleplay servers. Do you guys have any openings?