[FIXED] How to fix "FiveReborn has stopped working" while loading a server

[How to FIX it]
(If this could be added to the FAQ, it would be nice.)

Hello guys,

So i edit this post to tell you how to fix this if you have the SAME issue, means, if when you join a server, you crash after 30seconds - 1 minute.

I noticed, since the 2.0.* updates, accents ( é è ê à ù) and special signs ( *$£€%¤ , etc…) aren’t recognized anymore.

So, check your file path and see if it has accents, by example if it’s : C:\éxàmplè-fôldêr\Fivereborn
Then, what you can do is moving Fivereborn to C:\Fivereborn or create a new folder C:\Games\Fivereborn. (all what you want just without accents).

An other problem is your windows session name. Someone got the same problem because is name was " >> Someone >>". Don’t put signs in your windows session name! As everyone have a different version of windows, please check on the web how to modify your name on it.

Hope it helped all the people who got this problem.


Original topic:

-GTA V version? Latest.
-Up to date? Yes, latest.
-Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
-Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam
-Windows version? 7 ultimate
-Error screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/5msckHh.png
-GTA V folder screenshot (Folder on the right side, not necessary to tell me to remove my mods, already did it, didn’t work, i’ve put back all my stuff as the error don’t come from the game itself)
-GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot: deleted
-FiveReborn client folder screenshot (Left side is fresh install / Middle is modded one): deleted
-Fresh install citizen logs: deleted
-Old modded install citizen logs: deleted
-.dmp Files : deleted.

Already tried mostly everything, most is already, but you can check the original first topic and read the 60 messages:


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Message edited.

Fixed and posted how to fix it.