Fix(nui/gsclient): further improve invalid /dynamic.json data handling


This update includes a fair amount of platform changes, but also the launch of the new UI.

New User Interface

We are very happy to finally introduce our newest user interface iteration to everyone starting today. Check out the announcement for a full update. As with every big update, we’re happy to hear about your input. Did you find any bugs? Perhaps you have an idea that would make the UI even better? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

We hope you enjoy the new UI as much as we do!

Change notes for release 5999

  • The ‘Draw Performance’ overlay now has an indicator for GPU memory/VRAM usage.
    • (these numbers are APP/SYSTEM/TOTAL, e.g. 2.3/4/24 GB means 2.3 GB used by the game, 4 GB used system-wide and a GPU with 24 GB VRAM is installed)
  • For compatibility with servers that haven’t made their NUI resolution-independent, you can now force server-provided UI to be 1920x1080 16:9. This is especially useful for wide displays or lower resolutions.
  • Chromium/CEF has been updated to a newer version, from the original M91 to M103.
  • Some user preferences for diagnostic tools can no longer be blocked using setr.
  • Performance has been improved in a number of edge cases.
  • FiveM: A compatibility issue with ENBSeries not finding the ‘depth buffer’ has been resolved.
  • FiveM: Story mode should no longer crash when a mission expects you to take a photo.
  • FiveM: The incidence of VRAM-related hitches should have been reduced.
  • FiveM: ‘Game storage’ downloads have been optimized for size and download time.
  • FiveM: Natives such as GET_WEAPON_RECOIL_SHAKE_AMPLITUDE have been added. Thanks @PichotM for the pull request!
  • RedM: Build 1491.16 is now supported.
  • RedM: An unloading crash has been fixed in scrThread::Kill.
  • … and a lot of other minor bug fixes and improvements over the past two months.
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