FIX FOR Error GTA5_b2802.exe!sub_14045D140 (0x63)

I have found the solution for [Error GTA5_b2802.exe!sub_14045D140 (0x63).

Problems you may have:

  • The game crashes at a certain spot in your own server or someone else’s. (This was my issue)
  • You have invisible roads


  • If this is your own server, then your problem is, that you installed a bad MLO.
    (I deleted all my MLOS and loaded back up my server and the area I was no clipping and driving around wasn’t crashing my game anymore. So I’m now manually installing sections of my MLOS back to my server. I’m personally doing it by Sand Shores/Paleto Bay/Del Perro/etc… yes this is a pain, but for the time being is the only solution)

Hopefully, this was helpful. If it’s not a MLO then it’s probably a script that is faulty.
I even uninstalled/reinstalled fivem and gta5 and that didn’t help. It’s, not until I deleted all my MLOS is when the problem was finally solved.