FiveReborn with Redux?

Hello, fivereborn developers and other people, I’m trying to bring compatibility of “Redux” mod to FiveReborn, as told, i just installed the mod, put the “openiv.asi” into the plugins folder with different name, thereby i got the “game memory error” i edited out the “GameConfig.xml” So, i could load the mod, at the last, when loading into a server, i hear the custom loading sounds of "REDUX"proving, it works, but! a dlc count mismatch comes up saying i have 80 DLC mounts instead of 85, please if i could fix it, we all could enjoy the basic features of the REDUX. i know what boss says, that josh just stole some mods for his own mod, right? some other graphical modders themselves said “i know about his PoV, but redux is all his own”

from the basic features, i mean everything ,except the Textures… *edited

i believe, Boss, the moderator, has seen the post, passing some help would be APPRECIATED… i’m having a LEGIT GTA Copy.

Wow, so it wasn’t even three month ago that you were asking the same questions I am.

I am going to ask again now, how do you get the mods folder to work with FiveReborn?

By not using ‘the mods folder’ but using the built-in modification loading features here?

OpenIV aren’t the only people in the world, you know?

I do, but am obviously unaware of them.

How do I use the built-in mod loading features ‘here’?

I know how to stream to server (peds, vehicles, etc) but what about stuff in the mods folder?

yes i got it to work work work but i dont mod now, i play gta online…

How did you install properly Redux? can you tell me please? or can you send me your GameConfig.xml file please?

@xKillerVDBx I’ma make a new tutorial when i sell this build and then build my custom pc with a GTX 1050 Ti lol tho i have a video on it, but its a bit old the time when Biker DLC was released here it is @xKillerVDBx

Redux are theifs

But anyways if you wan’t visual settings I believe you can just pop it in the citizen folder!

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@rhodium you gave this link as we didn’t knew about it wow! just to let you know i had the complete mod, from the 4k textures to the enbs or reshade. :open_mouth: