FiveReborn Wiki/Documentation

hey guys,

does anyone know if there is a mostly comlete wiki with all known callbacks and functions?

i’ve found a link to a wiki from kanersps but it seems to be down :frowning:

i’ve found an other wiki of an other multiplayer mod but i don’t know if the function names are the same and i can use them in my code…


it would be nice if someone could make a list of all callbacks, function, etc. otherwise it is very difficult to script anything :confused:

Just look at Native DB and your local file in .five_reborn_dir\citizen\scripting\lua\natives.lua

You can find natives by hash (0x39FF19C64EF7DA5B) like that. See some forums at GTAForums, to learn how it works.

ok, and which natives are server sided and which of them are client sided?

all of them is client sided and works for client. But you can get other players ids and apply natives to them.

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