FiveReborn validation?

Help me please, are I really need to enter my Rockstar Social Club data? Wtf? I have a license copy, but I don’t trust to that shit

p.s. Что это за херня на русском в углу написана?

There’s nothing we can do, we use the SC servers to validate if you own the game, it doesn’t go through our servers at all. If you’re too stubborn then use wireshark to check for yourself.

You can’t trust anyone here. This all shit is illegal trying to cover it

Yeah, this project surely only has been going on for 2 years just to steal some accounts. Makes sense.

So illegal that soooooooo many people are in jail right now lmao… No, If you are flipping out about having to verify that you in fact do OWN GTA 5, Then you must not “Own” it… Only pirated copys need to worry…

Verify if you own the game so you can play on illegal servers.
Playing with a pirated copy is not right as well… but why should FiveM care?
Rockstar does not approve any of this anyway… ask them!

If you are against pirated copy’s of the game, then play on official servers as well…
And do no not try to be morally right with only allowing GTA5 official copy on servers Rockstar dont made,own, support.

Where do you get “illegal servers” from? How are the servers on FiveReborn illegal in any way?

Well i would not call it legal servers :slight_smile:
This software is probably reversed engineered, which is not allowed,like FiveM back in the days.
And this is the same thing.

Idk what Rockstar thinks about this, but i assume looking at the past and other games that use online… it is not allowed to create or run private servers. AAA titles (creators, publishers) are defo not happy with it, and the majority of them saying it is illegal.

Thats why :slight_smile:

I get that. I just don’t get what you said about “Why should FiveM care?”. The answer is that if they have verification it is less likely that Rockstar will go after 'em, IIRC. I remember seeing something about FiveM not implementing it quick enough or something and that being why it was shut down. Probably untrue, but still.

I don’t really think FiveM/FiveReborn ever where made to be a multiplayer for crack users, just an alternative multiplayer overall which a lot of pirates found out about.

Well. i think you should always buy the game, but in my opinion… the cracked game is the same thing as the FiveM reborn project. Both is bringing damage to Rockstar. So if you ban pirated copy’s… Think about what you do with this server :slight_smile: So i think they should not care about that, and if they do… then also think about this project :slight_smile:

Just my opinion btw.

This is not illegal in any way (afaik), but it’s surely against R*'s ToS. But why should R*/T2 care when we don’t allow pirated versions? They still get their money through purchased version.

Reverse engineering by itself is hard to get to hold up in a court, arbitrary other claims (direct copyright infringement by distributing files, circumventing DRM) that at best are only circumstantial on the other hand allow having an injunction issued against a modification developer pretty easily.

got any evidence of that even? as i would calculate any damage at all would have been barely significant compared to take-two’s yearly revenue of billions of US dollars

Buy the game…
If you want to play fivereborn buy the game legit

Fivereborn its and other alternative to play gta online … Gta online is a rockstar game social club multiplayer and fivereborn too but with fivereborn you can make roleplays, modded cars and more.
If you want to play this buy the game !

for 35$ in g2a for steam … this is so small price.
buy the game legit

What if I don’t want to support kikes? (Take2 i’m looking at you)

I got the same error, but even after I’ve logged my Social Club account, they still asking me for it