FiveReborn Setting Roles

Ik the line to change roles

AddEventHandler(‘chatMessage’, function(s, n, m)
if GetPlayerIdentifiers(s)[1] == ‘steam:110000112345678’ then
TriggerClientEvent(‘chatMessage’, -1, 'Snail | ’ … n, { 255, 0, 255 }, m)

But idk what to change and how to set it somebody please help

You need to create a resource on the server, this specific script will need to be a server_script. Change the steam64 id to your steamid64 or the one you want to change the chat prefix of.

would you do the a favor and edit it and give me what i need, i’m still confused

No sorry, I’ve given you more then enough information on how to accomplish it.

@Kanersps ok i got it working