FiveReborn PoliceMod help?

Hey Guys!
So I’ve been digging and digging trying to get some help with this, so I figured I should come ask you guys.

Me and a few friends have been wanting to play LSPDFR on GTA 5 Online, after a little bit of searching I found that LSPDFR isn’t supported on FiveReborn but PoliceMod was. After many MANY hours of moving files, installing, launching GTA, hoping and so on… nothing was working. I’ve followed the small tutorial from @noah101 (found here) but still… nothing.

Could anyone help me get this all set up?
I’ve seen servers who currently have it installed, so theres gotta be a way… right?

Thought I should add - All we want is to be able to Pull over NPCs and arrest them. Call outs, all though it would be a cherry on top, is the least of our worries.

We simply want to arrest some crooks, and kill some hookers… together!
Thank you!

(I’ll keep this post updated with issues/errors that I get. Once or If this gets all worked out, I plan to write a detailed post about how to do it so others who have this issue will be able to skip the whole “scour the internet” for hours, just to find nothing.)

Update : Okay, I got things to work just a little bit! Hitting F3 tells me to go to a Police Station to go on duty, but, hitting F5 OR going to a police station to go on duty, I freeze and crash! In the CitizenFX server logs it says “ProcessServerFrame: disconnected a client from timing out.” Any known fixes?


As far as i know and have been able to do so far… there is currently no support from FiveReborn directly for any .net scripts. They are working on ways to get other things working but are not currently supporting and of that as it doesnt match what they use for their systems. I know that a few guys have been able to get minimal use and reliability out of PoliceMod2. But as far as i know no one has been able to get it working with any high degree of stability as of yet.

As of right now… your best bet is probably to find a good roleplay group until we get a real solution to this issue. I have been talking with some other guys and if i hear something back from any of them about how they got it working with some form of stability i will for sure let you know.