FiveReborn opening Rockstar Social Club

I don’t think so man… I wish it were, but I have several installations of GTA V, ALL running correctly. I know what I am doing, hence why this is SO frustrating, because it is purely a combination of problems within the mod “Fivereborn” and within certain PCs, that does not allow FR to run using GTA’s platform. I am ignorant to the intricate details of coding in any language, until I learn more about coding. But I have done nothing but play, only, GTA V for the past 3 years. Fr does not work on any of my installations, I even installed GTAv 4 more times over and again these past few weeks, while on with the discord team (you were there too for a bit) and they even said a DEV nee to step in and take acre of this problem. It just needs some extensive research. hence, my payment which kanersps denied, for unknown reasons. I can’t even pay people for help around here lmao

lol sorry for the bad spelling, I could not see what I was typing due to the layout of this page. If you type past the bottom of the screen, you can’t see it until you submit. Thanks for replying @Boss Here @davedumas0 @TheRaptor103 now you can throw in your two cents about what you may think is or is not wrong with this situation. We will get it eventually guys.

Most people get it to work eventually. Did you re-install sc?

We do not take money for anything.

Well that leaves me with no leg to stand on lol. Oh well, I’m okay playing lspdfr, I just really, really wanted to play FR. Did a lot of work to get into the group I got into as well. I did reinstall SC several times but no combination of reinstalling and uninstalling and unblocking will work it is something not allowing it to run. I would like to think there is some sort of code that somebody could look at and say, oh its your "_ Blank _ " setting. But I don’t know that stuff yet. I am slowly learning though, I doubt that will help here.

@Mark-Abbacchi I wouldn’t give up on the mod as of yet just because no one has found an answer to this issue yet. I have encountered multiple people so far with the same issue as you and I’m also aware of it being a problem both here on FiveReborn as well as on MultiV. So the issue that is causing the problem is somehow related to both mods.


Try this.


@Boss brother I done everything FiveReborn installed every things correctly and then I Launched it and then social club windows disappears and then nothing happens. help me bro please