FiveReborn not switching Keyboard Layout / Not supporting AZERTY

Hello FiveReborn team,
like you can see in the title, I have a keyboard issue.
While I can play the normal GTA V with AZERTY without problems, FiveReborn just doesn’t let me, which forces me into using a controller. I tried using alt+shift and windowsbutton+space but it doesn’t work.
I already googled a bit and it seems to be an old FiveM server bug, so I just write it here into the bug forum.
Btw. This is my first post, so if you need any other information, just ask.


Try this, start up single player. Change it there, close the game and run FiveReborn.

im getting the same issue, have you fixed it?

GTA V single player works fine, but in fivereborn, its qwerty… and im writing in azerty, so something is wrong!

Nope, it’s still bugged

… why would it affect your gameplay if the keyboard layout is incorrect? The scan codes are always on the same buttons, anyway.

Also, the chat translates keyboard input correctly, and supports whatever keyboard layout, so I have no idea what issue you people are having…

… if the issue is that you need to press the letter-W on your keyboard to go forward, doesn’t this happen on all games if such important letters are rebound? If so, change the key bindings in the game options ._.

No, they are not.
The chat doesn’t bother me, but why should I change the keybinding everytime I play Fivereborn!? Even changing the keyboard layout doesn’t change it in-game. Fivereborn is the only game I have with this issue, so it would surely not be hard to fix.
You could do your French / Belgian community a favour

I have the same bug, someone solved this issue ? Someone has a workaround ?

Same problem, and the alt+shift dont work. do something please.