Fivereborn December Issues

plz make new update my game runs better a month before but in this month the game force stopped
problems like :-

  1. windows 10 1607 update issue
  2. game crashing on choosing server
  3. and many more too

i would like to release new update
my gta version :-1.33
fivereborn full installed

i hope you will turn the topic and work for it

What are you talking about? :rofl:
Your game will only work if they update it every month the?

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?

Please start steam.

bro… i have steam version but it is download
game crash with no error while selecting server
Russian language problem …

nowvgame stuck at blue screen with music

I have the same problem.
And I right click on fivereborn.exe and choose Nvidia Graphics and the problem persist, i have the blue screen with russian text on right top.
Update 1.36 installed, and steam running.