FiveReborn crashing on launch

Hey guys, I want to play with a friend who got banned on the real Rockstar online, but FiveReborn keeps crashing when I try to open it.

I tried to fix the problem myself, because I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but no matter what I do it will not work. It launches the launcher then launches the GTA V window, then it says “FiveReborn.exe has stopped working.”

I tried looking at the debug.log, but it’s blank.
I’ve tried re-downloading FiveReborn, same error
I’ve tried re-downloading GTA V, same error.

I’m out of ideas, any help would be appreciated.

Photo of the error:

Proof that my game isn’t pirated:

@jwbjnwolf Thank you so much! It actually opens now.

I’ve actually had Windows 10 build 14393 for a while (since about midway through July) because I’m a programmer and I need to make sure all my software works on the new update before it rolls out to the public, and with all the Windows 10 updates coming out so fast it’s making life hell to make sure it works on every Windows version. So I understand how annoying it is for the FiveReborn team.

Unfortunately, now I’m getting a new error when I try and join a server, Social Club error 1005. When I click Cancel or OK it closes the window, but still runs in the background, so I have to kill the process. Any idea on how to fix this?

@jwbjnwolf Screen tearing doesn’t really bother me so I’ll be okay with it until the update comes out. But do you know a fix for the Social club error 1005?

@jwbjnwolf Weird, my save file works fine on regular GTA. Oh well, thank you for your help!

@jwbjnwolf Oh, so the meaning of the error is different for FiveReborn. Thanks for clearing that up because I was about to delete my save file. :laughing:

@moomanjohnny what did jwbjnwolf tell you i cant find it anywere and i have the exact same problem

@multileik said in FiveReborn crashing on launch.:

@moomanjohnny what did jwbjnwolf tell you i cant find it anywere and i have the exact same problem

Same operating system? TEMP FIX for WIN10 Anniversary Update

I get the same issue but I don’t have access to view that WIN10 TEMP FIX.

Same issue. pls help, 1005 error