FiveReborn Crashes when loading into a server

GTA V version?: 1.0.791.2

Up to date?: Yes

Legit or Pirate copy?: Legit

Steam/CD/Social Club?: Steam

Error screenshot: I had received this error before --> but now it just crashes -->

GTA V folder screenshot:

FiveReborn client folder screenshot:


.dmp files: Not sure if this is the correct folder but there is nothing in the crash folder —>

I have restarted my computer, redownloaded GTA V, redownloaded FiveReborn, and verified game cache for GTA V.

The first error means that your client cant download all Server Resources you have to rejoin several times.

Your second error appears now on Launcher Start or Server Connect ?

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I think it might be on server connect, but I do not think it should effect my launcher to crash.

Are other Servers working for you or crashs on everyone ?

No server works for me. It just crashes with “FiveReborn has stopped working” It is not just a particular server.

Windows version?

Windows 10

Did you try compatibility mode Win8?

Yes, I also ran the program as an administrator.

@Dante said in FiveReborn Crashes when loading into a server:

Yes, I also ran the program as an administrator.

Irrelevant, shouldn’t matter.

Did you receive a .dmp? Or errors?

The only errors I have received are the ones listed above. Where would the .dmp files be located?

Also, not sure if this has any relevance, but whenever I load into FiveReborn the logo in the top left is green but when I change my username it turns red --> .

I have fixed the issue. Thanks for the help though!

what did you do to fix the problem? @Dante

I just kept on trying and trying to join a server and it eventually worked.

Same issue, I keep trying but keeps crashing on me.