FiveReborn Crash when i use the Map

Hello Everyone

Do You know which Mod/Trainer Menu is the Problem for the Crash?
However i try to view and use the Map the Game will crash.

I have follow .ASI in my Plugins Folder:

  • Endeavour.asi
  • EnhancedReborn3_b1.asi
  • Fov.asi
  • HealthBar.asi
  • OpenInteriors.asi
  • RipTideForceV1.7.asi

I had try to Change EnchanceReborn2 to 3 BETA, remove the NativeTrainer.
But it still crash. Do you know maybe with Trainer/Mod is the Problem here?

Kindly Regards from Switzerland

most likely, you should check your GTA folder, remove mods from there including “Dinput8.dll”, if the error still there, its either Endeavor or Riptide menu , remove one of them and test

It is the enhanced reborn trainer that causes the crash. It is a know bug and is being worked on.