FiveR will not fully launch, stays open in background processes

I recently uppdated FiveReborn like I normally would (Ran the exe, updated successfully). I then ran the .exe and the gta 5 window opens, then the FiveR window saying that is preparing to launch. Afterwards, the windows disappear and nothing happens after that. I looked in my task manager and didn’t see anything in the main processes. I looked in the background programs and there were 5 instances of the game running (Shown in the picture attached) . Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Did you read the F.A.Q?
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I have tried verifying integrity of game cache of my main GTA V game in Steam, I also have reinstalled FiveReborn twice.

@Luke192 there are several mods in your GTA V. You need a clean GTA V installation for FiveReborn.

I had this, Fully uninstall any Antivirus through control panel fixes it.