Fivem unfocusses after loading is finished

so, as the title says fivem unfocusses if the loading is finished. doesnt matter if i use a loadingscreen or not.

idk if its important but im in windowed borderless.

anyone know a solution so it keeps focused on the game instead of sort of ‘alt-tabbing’,
im currently in the make of a loadingscreen. with a nice transition to game when loading is done. but it sorta loses focus when loading is done wich then insta cuts out the music wich makes it a non smooth transition/experience. and what ever i tried i can not stop that behavior. even using no loadingscreen at all has the un focussing behavior.

u will need to click on fivem to make it ‘focus’ again.
the same when want your keyboard/mouse input to work on a loadingscreen, u will first need to click to focus.

is there any fix around for these issues? i have searched around and unfortunally no luck :c

sorry for the half ass english

aight, so the losing focus has to do with resource monitor (resmon)
turned that off and the issue is gone.

now i still have the issue that basically the game is focussed but the loadingscreen is not. i wil have to manually left click once to get my keyboard controls to work for music pause/play, volume up and down.


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tanks for solution me frent. u verrry good tanks