FiveM stuck on loading on Social Club (Need help to select folder after install)

I installed FiveM before GTA5 was installed.
When i was about to pick the GTA5 folder (when installing FiveM) i didnt do that, i closed the window so i could install GTA5.
Now i cant get that “browser” up again to pick the GTA5 folder to start FiveM with.

I’ve reinstalled FiveM in an other harddrive but still nothing.

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Go to your FiveM Application Data folder (default %localappdata%\FiveM\ and edit CitizenFX.ini with the location of your GTA V.

This below is what it says:

Should i select the .exe file or just the GTA folder as it is?

The GTA folder.

Well, then its not the problem i thought it was.


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