Fivem serverboard down?

everyone I play with is having this issue. Server list is now not showing any servers including both my servers, is fivem down?


same to me, just play for few minutes then i cant see any server

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same dont see any servers and same with my friends

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Is it the Server list looking blank? Mines doing the same thing

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mine is blank and cant even direct connect

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To be specific your server list is blank right?


Mines Blank, No Servers. Are They Aware of this problem??


litterally just happened

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Please fix this i really want to play

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You can connect to the server with the methods directly with the ip?

cant, suddenly, fivem stopped working

My server list is blank yes

thank god I thought it was just me I was installing some new vehicles to my drift server then all the servers disappeared including mine. hope rockstar dident get it shut down again

Direct IP connections should work fine.

but why my fivem suddenly force close when direct ip

here is what the server list @ says:

Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 520 Origin Error in /var/www/ on line 13

Warning: array_map(): Argument 2 should be an array in /var/www/ on line 16

don’t know mate I’m playin mine thru direct connect

keep closing by itself through direct connect, solution please?

Is this a recent problem or have you always had this issue?

never do a direct connect since i play fivem