FiveM runs....horribly

Not trying to be a ass but FiveM is a damned horrorshow. It runs like crap, bugs like crap, freezes and glitches like crap, loads the way it wants at that particular time if it loads, loads then freezes etc etc etc. just a suggestion, fix the basic then move on. It is horrible and its not only me who knows this. almost every server I play on 3/4 of the people say the same thing.

Sounds like this is a client side issue, not a FiveM wide issue. For what it’s worth, you’ve provided no relevant information to the following complaints you’ve made…

  • Runs Like Crap
  • Bugs Like Crap
  • Freezes and Glitches Like Crap
  • Loading Issues
  • Etc, Etc, Etc

This modification to my knowledge is still in Alpha stages, if you’re not familiar with what that means in regards to games / programs / modifications I highly suggest you utilize Google to figure it out. I’ve been running FiveM since October 2016, I have no encountered a single issue that wasn’t directly related to a fucked up server setup, shit resources on a server or something that I tried to do and fucked it up.

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We believe you are having issues with FiveM, we would like to have some additional information.

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Please provide the requested information using the above template.



honestly im good. itll take me 30 hours alone to tell you the plethera of issues. read allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the posts in this section.

It’s not about if “you’re good”. We need more information so we can help you better. How do you expect us to rectify your issues when you are unable to provide any information.

Perhaps don’t play on servers that use 200 or so unstable / badly made resources? Have you even tried the pinned :pushpin: servers before coming to that conclusion?

See that’s the thing - provide no info: no issue can be rectified. Also this seems to be something that’s localised to you and the people you play on the server with, as lots of people including me do not have any issues. So, perhaps complete the support template?

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