FiveM not loading without any errors

Since the new update that came out today my FiveM won’t load. It says that its updating files everytime that it is launched I know that it is launching because I can see it in the task manager. I have already reinstalled FiveM. Any suggestions?

I’m having the same issue.

files blocked maybe? put them in a zip then unzip them and should unblock them all, just a thought.

(Update) not all of us are experiencing the same problems tho proportionality

Ok I will try that right now

It didn’t work do you have any other suggestions?

Nothing is gonna fix it, FiveReborn needs to fix it.

I’m having this issue as well

Make sure you don’t have Scripthook.dll in your Grand Theft Auto main directory.
@grahamgarn @DementedDude

Well it now opens social club and exits.