FiveM Michigan State Roleplay

Hello, there I’m just some nobody on the internet trying to make a good FiveM Server for people to play and enjoy playing.

Our server does not have custom clothing at the time but I’m hoping as we gain a player base and we get supporters that can change with time.

Our server does give our players the privilege to use client scripts because I personally find it annoying that most servers out there don’t allow client scripts such as Lambda menu Simple Trainer or Menyoo hoping our player base won’t abuse that privilege given to them.

Anyone can be a police officer and we have custom cars!

I just made the server and I’m hoping we can gain a daily player base that can help keep the server growing with some supporters that can help us keep the server running so everyone can enjoy the server that will hopefully be a fun server. Thank you for your time and I hope you can make it to our server!

Discord: FMSRP