FiveM loading error (Patchday5ng)

Hey there i keep getting and error from five m while loading into a server, im pretty sure its from my patchday5ng folder, if anyone could send me an unmodified version of theirs it would be much appreciated

no because you might be a pirate, just verify your game files by going into steam->library->right click gta5->properties->local files-> verify integrity of game cache

you text like a pirat…

instead of assuming someone is being a pirate, help them in the right direction for help.


That’s not going to happen. If you feel it’s an issue with game files, you need to verify them.

I can assure everyone im not a pirate and i dont see how or what a pirate can do to that file but i will verify my game files to be sure thank you have a great day! I assume it cam from my patchday5ng folder cause i was installing eup skins for my player but i guess it didn’t work

eup: Emergency Uniform Pack|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 3.9 ALPHA

and before you say “oh its pirated” look at the damn link “https” “fourm.fivm”

thank you i appreciate it

this is why there is a support template, so this does not happen and we can see where the issue possibly lye’s.

If you’re problem does not get solved please fill out the whole support template.

FiveM requires a clean installation of GTA5.

i assumed because i was skeptical he was asking for gtav files, but i also gave him what solved it, and to his reply. it solved it.

yes and i can understand that its just i have custom server sirens and when i verify my files it will delete the siren, but i got it back, thanks for the help

No problem.

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